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  Conference papers and presentations
  • Third ESA Workshop on Advanced Flexible Telecom Payloads: RC64--65nm Rad-Hard Manycore High-Performance DSP for Software Defined Telecom Payloads (paper)(slides)

  • Aerospace Conference 2016: RC64 High Performance Rad Hard Manycore (paper)(slides)

  • Aerospace Conference 2016: DVB-S2 Software Defined Radio Modem on the RC64 Manycore DSP (paper)(slides)

  • IAC 2015: RC64-Manycore communication processor for space IP router (paper)(slides)

  • SpaceWire Working Group Meeting April 2015: RC64, a dozen SpaceFibre Ports (presentation)

  • DASIA 2015: RC64 / MacSpace: High performance rad-hard many-core DSP (paper) (presentation)

  • DASIA 2015: 65nm RadSafe(tm) technology for RC64 and advanced SOC (paper) (presentation)

  • MAPLD 2015: RC64, High Performance Rad-Hard Manycore with FPGA Extension for Telecomm Satellites and other Space Applications (paper) (presentation)

  • DASIA 2014: RC64, a rad-hard many-core high-performance DSP for space applications (paper) (presentation)

  • DASIA 2012: Survey of processors for space (paper) (presentation)

  • DASIA 2012: Testing concepts of advanced rad-hard SoC (paper) (presentation)

  • DASIA 2012: Next generation RadSafe(tm) technology for SoC (paper) (presentation)

  • AMICSA 2012: Advanced features of RadSafe(tm) technology (paper) (presentation)

  • MAPLD 2011: GR712RC rad-hard dual core LEON3FT qualifications and radiation testing (presentation)

  • MAPLD 2010: A radiation-hardened design flow for advanced SoC (paper) (presentation)

  • MAPLD 2010: JPIC: Rad-hard JPEG2000 image compression ASIC (paper) (presentation)

  • MAPLD 2008: Converting PLD-based SoC into RadSafe™ ASIC (presentation)

  • MAFA 2007: RadSafeTM technology and JPEG2000 image compression ASSP (presentation)



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