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Ramon Chips is developing RC64, a 65nm CMOS 64-core parallel processor for high performance space computations, targeting 384 GOPS and 38 GFLOPS, 60 Gbps SpaceFibre/SRIO high speed serial links, DDR2/3 and flash interfaces, and LVDS interfaces for ADC/DAC and SpaceWire
See the RC64 Product and Application Brief
  Ramon Chips plans to engage in the following technology developments
  • RadSafe™ 65nm libraries
  • Analog and mixed signal circuits
  • High speed RH SpaceFibre SERDES, above 6 Gbit/sec, for on-board optic fiber interconnect
  • High speed RH memory interfaces including ONFI 2.0 Flash, DDR2/DDR3
  • Integrated high speed ADC/DAC, digital processor and optic fiber adaptor

Ramon Chips is presently developing the following integrated circuits and systems:

  • RCMIX A front-end module integrating LNA, PA, ADC, DAC, RC64 and multi-lane optic fiber sockets for elements of high-performance, high-sampling-rate large phase-array antennae

  • RC64EV An evaluation board for RC64


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